We are the leading UK company for restoring Hammond Organs, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzers, Hohner D6 Clavinets as well as a range of classic synthesizers.

The reason for this is that our understanding of the mechanics of these classic instruments is second to none and our attention to detail, as you will see in the following pictures, is unrivalled. We don't just fix them, we make them sing as if they were new.

Other companies may offer this service as a quick fix with a few aerosol cans, but we will not undertake a job unless we can do it properly. For example, the mechanics of a Hammond Organ is incredibly complicated and it is only by understanding it fully and stripping it down to its core components that we can restore it to its peak. See Pictures.

Another reason our reputation is second to none is that we only use new, genuine, original components as we feel it is a false economy to do anything else. Cheap parts can only lead to a substandard sound , and are a poor imitation of the original sound of the instrument.

We have customers from all over the world. In 2000, following full restoration in our workshops, we have returned four Hammond organs, plus six Leslies, to customers in Australia and America. We have restored Hammond items to Hong Kong.

Examples of our restorations can be seen and heard at the Zoo in London by appointment. To see pictures of our restorations, please click on the links below.

Jason's cherry B3 Completed Wurlitzer EP200A Restored Piano
Restored Stereo 88 and 73
Hammond Organs Wurlitzer Pianos Fender Rhodes Pianos
A famous Minimoog restored to it's former glory hod6_clavoutside_thumb Vox Continental
Moog / Classic Synths

Hohner Restorations:
D6 Clavinets. Pianet. Duo. Cimbalin

Vox Continental Organs
Hammond M100
Customer Restoration Gallery One

Note: all work is subject to our terms and conditions (available on request). All items remain the property of HHC until paid in full.