Customer Restoration Gallery One

Restoration of Hammond M100, Wurlitzer EP200 Piano and Hohner Clavinet D6

A much loved and famous Hammond M100. We were asked by the owner to make her sing. It was collected in two parts held together with bubble wrap. The cabinet was cleaned and sympathetically restored. The generator had come completely apart from the cabinet and its bent motors did not run. It had been split in the 60s. The generator was cleaned and recapped with a balanced set of capacitors by us, on a Marconi valve cap and inductance machine and then revoiced.

The Line box was recapped. The scanner stripped motors ere cleaned and realigned. The Manuals were stripped and restored including the panels.The reverb spring was replaced and the amps restored.

The Wurlitzer EP200 was also completely stripped to it's case and restored.

The Hohner D6 Clavinet was in very good condition, but we changed its hammer tips, repaired the switches, tuned and dynamically balanced it.

The Fender Rhodes Stage 73 MkII Action was also restored and for pictures of that go to Rhodes restorations